Understanding the connection between image elements and photo retouching

Portrait photography is a very powerful story telling platform. It expresses not only the style, vision and ideas of the photographer, but if done skilfully it captures the true personality of the model, her or his feelings, and mood. It leaves the door to a personal and private space slightly ajar. Those moments last for split of a second and when combined with complementing lighting and balanced natural body language can be further empowered by post processing of an image. Image editing was always present, even in the film days, but in times of digital photography retouching skills are a very powerful artistic tool. It literally allow us to draw on the image. Used sensibly and with understanding can lead to superb results. Every time I edit a photo it is a new adventure into the world of shadows and highlights, colors and shapes, and just like in a puzzle all the elements have to fit to complete the image. Having an idea of post processing has to be in tune with the elements and the mood of the photo. That is why, I never use tools such as coloring presets, or photoshop actions that do the job for me. Just like a camera set to auto, most of automation in editing is a recipe for disaster. I want a full creative control. It takes time, sure, but all the good things do. It is worth every minute spent in the digital dark room. Photography is a symphony of light, which can be either brilliant or poorly composed. It can be inspiring or painful to look at. If the image is inspiring, it will lead you the right way throughout the post processing, as long as you know the which tools you should use to achieve a desired effect, and how to look at the photo to understand its energy. There is a huge difference between editing the way you can, and editing the way you envisioned the final result in your mind when you pressed the shutter. It is a difference between a craftsman and an artist, a difference between a person who captures what they see, and a person who captures what others cannot. Model: Nami

model: Nami