Understanding complexity of the art of portrait photo retouching in photoshop

Professional portrait editing is a very complex and taxing work, and requires a set of unique skills. One not only has to master photo editing program like photoshop on a technical level, learn numerous tricks and methods of targeting specific issues in the photo, being able to deal with any and all problematic areas, but also be a true artist. If you cannot see or feel the balance and composition, if you do not appreciate the light and its quality, do not know human anatomy and how light affects shapes, have no patience and you are not a perfectionist, if you do not have an artistic vision and a direction you want to follow during editing process, then you will never make a great portrait photography retoucher.

model: Diana (final edit)

model: Diana (final edit)

Portrait editing is there to bring balance between all elements of the photo, regardless whether they are the main point of interest or not, but also to imbue an image with personal vision that will be a continuation or a complementing element to the original photo. There should be a seamless symbiosis between the image and the post processing. That is what defines professional portrait photo retouching. That is why technical skills and outstanding knowledge of the software is not enough. The same goes to photography. Being a geek and knowing all that there is to know about your camera will never be enough to take great photos. That artistic edge is something that cannot be learned, but it has to be developed. There is also the question of passion. I love editing photos, it relaxes me. I enjoy immensely the sheer joy of creating something unique. I actually like it so much, every time I shoot I look forward to editing my images. Without it they would feel incomplete to me.

I have create a series of 5 videos, in which I edit one of my images and give detailed explanations of what I am doing and why. 5.5h of in-depth portrait editing that covers most of the issues that you will come across when working on images in photoshop. Below is a short video guide that summarizes the whole process and it serves as a reference to quickly find areas of interest. I will be adding interactive links to this video that connect directly to the full length tutorials, which you can find on my Youtube channel. I hope that this will cast some light on the importance and depth of professional photo editing, the work that is done behind the scenes long after the photo shoot.

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