How to capture sumblime ethereal moments with your portrait phootgraphy

Do you need dreamy meadows and morning sun piercing through the fog to capture very soft and ethereal images with white vignetting around the edges to empasise the softness? Not really. In fact low key dramatic images that remove the background can be even more sublime than anything else. So what is the secret then? The mood and the post processing. And post processing is VERY important. The mood is something that you capture or evoke. It is happening during the shoot. As a photographer you need to build a connection with your models and learn their body language. How they react, behave, their face mimics, emotions and how to spark them, and so on. This is why I usually work alone, one on one with whomever I photograph. For me portrait photography is like ambient music, it is a one giant tunnel you walk into, or a beam of channeled energy that cannot be disconnected. If a model gets distracted, there goes your shoot or at least a theme.

model: Eccaia

model: Eccaia

The post processing is a massively important. Regardless of how soft your lighting may be if you do not know how to deal with harsh shadow transitions and how to accent certain areas like reflections in the eyes, or how to make other parts of the image become less visible and intrusive, you will not be able to achieve this result. It is a combination of mattified skin, smoothed out highlights and shadows, very selective contrasting and balancing the darkest and the brightest tones. Black and white is not always the way to go. Light and mood in your image is like music. Listen to it, and then you will know what genre it belongs to.

Last but not least, the composition must be in symbiosis with the mood and editing. You need to place your model in the frame according to the feel you are going for, or even better so - the feel you are capturing. Sometimes photographers focus so hard on what they envisioned that they are blinded to what is actually happening. Capture images like an artist not like a craftsman. Capture what you feel not what you see. Be like attentive and sensitive to what is going on in front of your lens, and learn how to adjust instinctively. It is good to have a concept for the shoot, but spontaneous moments make the best photos. It should not be your job to know how not to miss them. It should be your second nature and passion.

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Nude portrait photography made sensual and elegant to complement feminine charm

The less clothes your model wears the more difficult is to shoot a human form to make it look appealing and graceful. The most forgiving photoshoots are when the stylist goes bananas and the dress or whatever garment is overpowering the model, and she falls onto the second plan. Boudoir and nude photography are difficult for many reasons, and it goes both to capturing the image and editing it. Balancing of the body parts and their positioning with light and shadows, creating a light and ethereal but at the same time alluring scene, making sure that the background elements and the over composition of the image do not clash with the model and her pose, making sure that the skin tonality is even, capturing a natural body language of a model that will not hint to any discomfort of her being photographed nude, making sure that the model looks really sexy but not vulgar, and the list just goes on. Nude photography has many thin lines, and one has to be careful not to cross them.

I am currently looking for girls in Tokyo area for boudoir / nude / Chinese and Japanese calligraphy body art and cyber girl project photoshoot, please contact me if interested. You can see my full folio on my smugmug page.

model: Lynn

model: Lynn